Photo Gallery – February 2021

MMA – KAS Hybrid discussion on the theme “The Triumph at Gabba” Distinguished Panelist Mr. Syed Kirmani Former Indian Cricketer Mr. Achanta Sharath Kamal Olympian & Arjuna Awardee, Table Tennis Distinguished Moderator : Dr. Sumanth C Raman Television Anchor and Sports Commentator 

Profile: Roshini Bakshi

Ramyaa RameshThe journey to the coveted C-Suite is tough for all but even more so for women, given the social and patriarchal barriers they have to overcome. However, over the years, the number of women breaking the glass ceiling and confidently forging a new path has been encouraging. The career journey of such women makes […]

CSR and the Decade of Action

To review and refresh the nuances of the Act, amendments and notifications and also the proposed amendments to the CSR Rules, MMA organised a conclave in association with CSR Spark and Konrad-Adenauer- Stiftung on the theme “CSR and the Decade of Action” on Saturday, 19 December 2020 at MMA Management Center. The conclave had the […]

Leadership & Purpose in Turbulent Times

At the outset, let me confide that this session has given me ‘purpose.’ Today is the 29th day of my being sick (down with Covid) and recuperating from intensive oxygen therapy. If not for this session, I would have been reluctant to get up from bed. But here I am, clean shaven and neatly dressed. […]

Building and Unlocking Value in Private Mid-Size Family Businesses

Let me begin with some interesting facts about family businesses. India is home to the No.1 best performing family-owned business in Asia Pacific, excluding Japan. Any guess on the company? It is Bajaj Finance. The reason is that they have consistently rewarded shareholders over the last 10 years with approximately 54% return. This is based […]

The Impact of Changing Geopolitics on the Future and What this means for India

We cannot forget the year 2020 not just because of the pandemic. If you go back to March-April period when the lockdowns started globally, including in India, it led to an economic and financial slowdown, which we are still recovering from.The migrant labour from various States wanting desperately to get back home pointed to a […]

Will Globalization Continue in the 21st Century?

Mr V Balaraman: Globalisation was initially pushed by multinationals in the western market. What started as a commercial motive brought with it other benefits. A problem like the pandemic required a global response and controls. This is not the first pandemic nor will it be the last. So the globe has no choice but to […]

What a year that was!! What a year this will be?

The previous year cautioned every business owner to re-look at a vital business skill: Adaptability. With the economy remaining in a state of flux and 2021 starting off blank, it is time for everyone big or small to embrace change.MMA too is adapting to the New Normal with a number of innovative initiatives, ranging from […]


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